who we are

We are a group of diverse researchers with a vast experience in genealogy research. Here you can read about a few recently completed projects. They involved researching different nationalities or ethnic groups (Polish, Lemko, Jewish, German, Ukrainian), languages of records (Latin, Polish, Russian, German), geographical locations (mostly Galicia but also other parts of Poland, USA, Ukraine, and Belarus), types of records (church metrical records, other church documents, military records (Poland and USA), naturalization, civil registration records (Poland and USA), professional organizations, and many more), religions: Roman-Catholic, Greek-Catholic, Jewish, Protestant.

We are based in Krakow and Warsaw and operate mainly in south, east and central part of Poland (parts of the country that used to be occupied by Austria (Galicia) and Russia in 19th century) as well as in neighboring countries: western Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus. Here you can see the map of places we researched so far.

skills, experiences and other relevant information:

  • ability to read records in Russian cyrillic, Latin, Polish, German (Roman-Catholic, Greek-Catholic, Jewish records)
  • transcribing and indexing of records, also as a volunteer in indexing records in different parishes in South of Poland and Western Ukraine
  • village photography - finding the exact location where client's ancestors used to live 100-150 years ago and preparing a photographic documentation of the place (houses, churches, cemeteries)
  • membership in professional organizations (American Society of Professional Genealogists)


Please contact us if you have any question concerning our services or anything connected with your Polish family history. Let us help you begin your journey of discovery.

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