how we work

We worked out a flexible system that allows your research plan to be adjusted to any changing situation. At all times, the client has control over the project direction and expenses. Key to our success and yours is having our clients actively engaged in the research project. We are committed to prompt continuous communication with our clients.

Here is a sample plan:

  1. Client requests family history research and provides all the information he/she has (e.g., documents, letters, photos, notes conversations with family members, etc.)
  2. We prepare a research plan that outlines the action plan we would take during the whole project divided into stages.
  3. We carry out the planned research presenting the client with an updated report after each stage. If the client is satisfied and wishes to continue, we then prepare the plan for the next stage. The client pays for the first stage and we carry out the next stage.
  4. Point 3 may be repeated a few times, depending on availability of resources and client's needs.
  5. At the end of the project we prepare a final report in a format agreed (we can draw a genealogical tree, provide gedcom or an online database)

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