We provide a comprehensive genealogical research services in Poland and countries where Poles used to live like Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. We can undertake small individual searches and help you in specific problems  such as single document retrieval from Polish archives or translation of documents. We can also handle larger projects consisting of planning the work, searching state or church archives or other repositories or parishes, copying the records, transcription, translating, photographing the villages and cemeteries, searching for living relatives, finding exact places where your ancestors used to live, investigating surname origins etc. and reporting research.

Here you can find a few examples of recently completed projects that can give you some idea of what we can do for you, what resources we use, time-frames, geographical location (you can also view a map of the places we researched so far), languages used, etc. We can also help in organizing family history trip (preparing a plan, booking accommodations, organizing transfers, arranging visits in the archives and visits to the ancestors' towns).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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