Here are a few examples of recently completed projects. Click details of any of the projects in the list below for details: short desription of a project, time range, places, religion and ethnicity of people searched, archives and repositories used, languages, costs involved, duration, etc. so that you were able to see what projects we normaly take. But we are open to all family history projects, no matter how small or how big they are. Just drop us a line and we'll tell you what we can do for you (contact form). Initial stage consisting of determining possible sources of information, preparing preliminary research plan including costs and duration estimation is free. Some details like names, names of counties or geographical locations are used instead of exact town information for places ommitted.

Western Galicia II (1850-1900)

Short description: Short project, Roman Catholic family, villages east of Tarnow, finding the birth records for two family members of the client and information about villages where their parents originated from.

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Lemko I (1700-1900)

Short description: Extended project, researching a few families (Lemko, Greek Catholic) in south and south-east Poland, found places of origin of a few families, 5 generations of ancestors, ~300 family members, ~50 original documents copied.

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Zablotów (1850-1890)

Short description: Small project concerning Jewish family from Zablotow.

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Western Galicia I (1749-1896)

Short description: Family (Polish, Roman Catholic) living in two villages 30 km to the north from Tarnow, Malopolska. Found 4 generations of ancestors, 78 family members, ~20 documents copied concerning direct ancestors.

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Mountains I (1740-1900)

Short description: Roman Catholic, Polish family in two villages (two different parishes) in the mountains south of Krakow, found 5 generations, 30 direct ancestors, ~140 family members, ~50 documents copied.

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