Western Galicia I (1749-1896)

Research map


Objective/aim as formulated by client: Find a place of origin and ancestors of grandfather born in Poland

Information provided by client: Date of birth and misspelled name of a village

Initial analysis: Determining the proper name of a village based on data from Ellis Island database and immigration records, finding copies of metrical records in a church archive in Tarnow

Description of research project: The research so far took place in a church archive in Tarnow and in a State Archive in Krakow. There are records for this parish starting in the middle of 17th century. Records for 19th century and the end of 18th century have been searched so far for the original village and for another village family also used to live in. Further research is possible as there are still records available, waiting for client's decision.

Duration of project: 2 weeks (13 research hours)

Findings: Four generations of ancestors, 22 direct ancestors, 13 with birth/marriage/death data, 78 other family members, ~120 facts, ~20 records copied.

Friday the 19th.