Gorals from Nowy Targ area

Research map


Objective/aim as formulated by client: to find as much as possible information about ancestors, find the places they lived in and any living relatives if possible.

Information provided by client: names of grandparents and greatgrandparents, names of villages, some information from client's previous research

Initial analysis: finding necessary information in Krakow church archives before holliday break there and determining where the other documents could be found 

Description of research project: project started with researching all records available for parishes of interest in Krakow church archives. Then, we were able to connect some branches of the family with published genealogy of founders of mountain villages and thanks to that some branches reached to 16th century even. Then, we continued research in local parishes and civil registry office when clients came to Poland. We also used kadastral maps found in State Archives in Krakow and were able to find exact place where clent's ancestors used to live 100 years ago. While visiting the villages we were able to meet client's distant cousins. We had a very warm welcome and clients received, among other things, weding pictures of their grandparents, that had been sent to Poland ~80 years ago and survived in cousins' drawer.

Duration of project: 2 months

Friday the 19th.