Polish family in Lithuania (1750-1910)

Research map


Objective/aim as formulated by client: to find as much as possible information about grandfather's family and to find living relative

Information provided by client: name of client's grandfather, name of a parish he was from

Initial analysis: determining what records are availble in Wilno archives, finding the right village, finding some records that are available  on-line. 

Description of research project: project started with finding the birth record of a brother of client's grandfather (during previous research). With this information, we were able to find a record of a grandfather and his other siblings and determining the right village. We continued the research in Wilno historical archives with records that are not available on-line. Then we went, together with a client, to the small village some 30km from Wilno and met possible relatives there. We also visited the parish and used some records they have. We continued research in the records available on-line in order to establish the conection with people we met and to find previous generations of clients ancestors. Languages of records: Latin, Polish, Russian.

Duration of project: 1 month

Friday the 19th.