Lemko in Poland and Slovakia - 1750-1900

Research map


Objective/aim as formulated by client: to find as much as possible information concerning ancestors as well as links to living relatives if possible

Information provided by client: names of client's grandparents, approximate dates, names of villages

Initial analysis: determining the time-range of metrical records available in a state archives in Poland and Slovakia. Finding some of the records on-line. 

Description of research project: project consisted of a visit to Przemysl and Sanok archives and then we continued the research using records available on-line. We were able to find records of a few generations of family members since the middle of 18th century, especially on Polish side of a border. On Slovakian part we were able to trace the family back to the beginning of 19th century and identify the village where family originated from. Languages of records: Latin, Polish, Russyn, Hungarian.

Duration of project: 1 month

Friday the 19th.