Rzeszów (1750-1960)

Research map


Objective/aim as formulated by client: to find the village of origin of client's grandfather and to obtain as much as possible about his ancestors and any leaving relatives

Information provided by client: name of client's grandfather and approximate immigration date. .

Initial analysis: finding the right immigration record and determining the name of a village of origin. Then, determining the time-range of metrical records available in a state archives in Rzeszów.

Description of research project: project started with a short visit in the office of a priest where we were able find client's grandfather's birth record so verify that we have the right place and to arrange a visit with a client a few weeks later. Then, already with the client we searched some records available in a state archives in Rzeszów and later visit to the priest office where we were able to find records of a few generations of family members since the middle of 18th century. We also contacted a family with the same surname from the same village and are working now on establishing the connection with them.

Duration of project: 1 month

Friday the 19th.