Myslenice (1743-2012)

Research map

Objective/aim as formulated by client: Find as much as possible about ancestry of client's father and interviewing his family about living relatives

Information provided by client: Name and address of a second cousin in Poland, basic data concerning client's father (birth date and place

Initial analysis: Project required determining available church records (it turned out there were quite a lot of them in a church archives and in a parish office, only the copies from church archives were used so far)

Description of research project: Research started with an interview with second cousins of a client and visit to a local cemetery that allowed to gather information concerning living relatives and to find a link with records that are stored in a church archives (they end in 1880s). We continued in a church archives in Krakow and searched church records for years 1794-1886 and were able to find a few generations of client's ancestors. The result of a project was a family tree containing 8 generations of client's family which was distributed to a family both in Poland and US. Metrical records in Latin.

Duration of project: 2 months

Findings: 7 generations and 5 generations of client's ancestors were found,  34 direct ancestors, 423  family members, date ranges: 1743-2012

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