Mazowsze I (1790-1890)

Research map

Objective/aim as formulated by client: find information on the ancestry of client's great-grandparents.

Information provided by client: letter in Polish received from an archive in Poland with names and dates for grandparents' marriage.

Initial analysis: Determining the archives that held the records, contacting them and ordering the microfilms when possible, ordering copies of a few records that had been indexed online, preparing a preliminary research plan

Description of research project: Research started with a request to be a middleman in contacts with an archive in Poland and copying a marriage certificate of grandparents. As a few more records for this family were found in an online index, the client decided to hire us for a whole project. Microfilms from a village where client's ancestors lived have been searched for almost all 19th century. Then we found a place where they had lived before coming to the village so research moved also to neighboring parishes, and we also searched also a church and state archives in northern Poland. A number of copies of original records concerning direct ancestors of the client were copied

Duration of project: 2 months

Findings: 5 generations of direct ancestors, ~20 original records were copied

Friday the 19th.