Mountains I (1740-1900)

Research map


Objective/aim as formulated by client: Find as much as possible information about ancestors of great-grandfather and great-grandmother and provide copies of records concerning all direct ancestors.

Information provided by client: Detailed and accurate data concerning client's great-grandparents and a few other members of the family (client had visited one of the parishes before). Continuous cooperation with the client throughout the project.

Initial analysis: Determining possible resources, contacting relevant parishes, preparing research plan.

Description of research project: Project took place mainly in a church archive in Krakow, some research had also been done in a state archive in Krakow and in one of the parishes (the priest in the second parish refused to cooperate). The families used to live in both villages and were moving from one village to another so we have to trace them in records of both of the parishes. The records from the end of 18th century and beginning of 19th century were not carefully written so we had to trace the ancestors changing names, giving different dates, etc.

Duration of project: 2 months

Findings: 5 generations of ancestors, 30 direct ancestors, ~140 other family members, ~50 copies of original documents

Friday the 19th.