Lemko I (1700-1900)

Research map


Objective/aim as formulated by client: find as much information as possible about ancestors of a client

Information provided by client: provided names and possible places of origin (in some cases misspelled), dates of birth (end of 19th century), later provided more details about religion and family that stayed in the old country

Initial analysis: determining the proper spelling of a few places provided and possible spelling of surnames, determining religion and ethnicity, determining the archives that may contain records, contacting relevant civil registry offices

Description of research project: research took place in a state archive in Skolyszyn (searching Greek-Catholic parishes south-east from Krakow) and then in a state archive in Przemysl (searching Greek-Catholic parishes in south and south-east Poland). Some data was also acquired in contacts with civil registry offices.

Duration of project: 2 months (3 stages of a project, 23 hours)

Findings: 5 generations, ~300 family members, ~50 copies of original documents

Friday the 19th.