Very often, in our research, we make use of maps of different kinds, both old, historical as well as new maps. They help us answer a lot of questions concerning our ancestors, see how they moved, understand their decisions and allow us to go beyond simple information that can be found in vital records and learn more about them.

Here are a few examples:

  • Map of places we conducted research in last few years
  • In this map you can see where exactly were the borders of three partitions of Poland in 19th century mapped onto a current Poland teritory
  • Map showing borders of Galicia, part of Poland occupied in 19th century by Austria (south-east Poland and western Ukraine today)
  • Here you can see borders of Poland between the wars (1918-1939) and here borders and capitals of all provinces (województwa) in 1938
  • Map of church archives with contact information



Friday the 19th.